Device and method for a nonlinear comb filter - 5265042

This invention describes a nonlinear comb filter device and a method for removing harmonic interference from a corrupted signal. Here, a corrupted signal is defined as a signal containing an impulsive signal and harmonic interference. The corrupted signal is delayed through a delay line. The delay line has a plurality of tapped output terminals each spaced at a delay time that is a multiple of the fundamental period of the harmonic interference. An odd number of taps is preferred for ease of sampling and ease of performing certain nonlinear functions such as a median. Each delay line tap is connected to a corresponding input to a nonlinear device. A median device is one possible embodiment of a nonlinear device. The delay line and the nonlinear device extract the harmonic interference from the corrupted signal. The corrupted signal is synchronized with the extracted harmonic interference by tapping the corrupted signal off of the delay line at a delay that is equal to the average delay of the delay line and the nonlinear device. The extracted harmonic interference is then subtracted from the synchronized corrupted-signal in order to produce the impulsive signal of interest.Device and method for a nonlinear comb filter526504223/11/199320/08/19921993460Smith; Wayne E.US Patent and Trademark OfficeGoogle Patent signaldelay lineharmonic interferencenonlinear comb filterextracted harmonic interferencenonlinear deviceimpulsive signaltapped output terminalsdelay line tapcertain nonlinear functions