Integrated child seat for vehicle - 5224756

A three-mode seat for a motor vehicle cooperable with an adult seat belt assembly to provide three modes of operation including an adult seat mode, a large child booster seat mode, and a small child mode. The seat includes a child's seat module arranged to be secured to the seat back frame between the space provided between two side cushions. The module includes a rigid back panel which carries a cushion assembly and a child's seat belt assembly. The cushion assembly includes a movable cushion assembly arrangement mounted for movement between (1) an adult mode position wherein the movable cushion assembly arrangement is disposed within the space between the side cushions and provides an adult back cushion for engaging the middle of the back of an adult seat occupant sitting on the seat cushion of the seat in an operative position, and (2) a child mode position wherein the movable cushion assembly arrangement extends from the space between the side cushions and the cushion assembly provides a cushioned child's seat extending from the bottom of the space in overlying relation to the seat cushion, a cushioned child's seat back extending upwardly from the cushioned child' s seat within the space between the side cushions, and a cushioned child's head support above the cushioned child's seat back. The child's seat belt assembly is movable into a child's booster seat position enabling a large child to be retained therein by the adult seat belt assembly.Integrated child seat for vehicle522475606/07/199320/08/19921993320Dukatz; MatthewKresky; Fred C.Lambert; Jeffrey T.Lezotte; James P.Murphy; Robert W.Popa; George S.Zarowitz; Ronald S.US Patent and Trademark OfficeGoogle Patent belt assemblycushioned childcushion assembly arrangementseatside cushionsspacemovable cushion assemblycushionchildseat cushion