Limited-reuse tamper-evident container - 5238134

A tamper-evident container is disclosed that can be reused a limited number of times with the tamper-evident feature for secure storage or transport of material. The container is made up of a base and a lid. The base has a hollow interior for holding material and an open top. The base also has a number of platform-like holders, each with a hole, that project perpendicular to and inwardly from the interior walls of the base. The holders are used in attaching the lid to the base. The lid is the same shape as the base (i.e., multisided, hexagonal, or circular). The lid contains frangible elements which outnumber the holders in the base. Each frangible element is made up of a shaft tipped with a cone. Frangibility of the element is achieved by dividing it into quadrants and scoring the base. Each element extends downward from the interior-top of the lid. A subset of the frangible elements align with the holders in the base. The container is closed when a subset of frangible elements engage with the holders. The lid and the base each have a built-in handle. The container is opened by pulling on the handles to separate the lid from the base. The frangible elements are broken when the container is opened. Tampering is defined as unauthorized opening. The container can be reused with this tamper-evident feature by rotating the lid with respect to the base so that another subset of unbroken frangible-elements align with the holders so that the container upon engagement of the new subset.Limited-reuse tamper-evident container523813424/08/199320/08/19921993369Knapp; Donald L.US Patent and Trademark OfficeGoogle Patent elementscontainerholdersubsettamper-evident featurelimited-reuse tamper-evident containerelementmaterial