Method for measuring gain of photonic inverters - id: 6760350

Method to measure gain of a photonic inverter based on a semiconductor laser using two different modes of operation. In one mode, the device is operated as a photonic inverter device and in the other mode as a photogenerated current measurement device. While the device is operated in a photonic inverter mode, that is, pumped at a magnitude that supports photonic inverter operation, the optical output power is measured in the absence of an input signal and with an input signal that quenches the output of the photonic inverter. While the device is operated as a photogenerated current measurement device with an input optical signal, a reverse bias is applied to offset any forward bias induced by the injected input optical signal, the induced photocurrent is measured, and the wavelength of the input optical signal is measured. From these measurements, the gain is calculated using the difference in the photonic inverter optical output power with and without the optical input signal while operating in photonic inverter mode and the input power responsible for the quench of the photonic inverter while in photogenerated current measurement mode.Method for measuring gain of photonic inverters676035006/07/200412/04/20022004816Fitz; John L.Beard; Warren T.Horst; Scott C.Smith; Suzanne DadgarUS Patent and Trademark OfficeGoogle Patent current measurementphotonic inverteroptical output powerphotonic inverter modeoptical signalinput signalgaindevicemodeoptical input signal